Realtors Program

Attention Realtors, we have a commission program for you!

To be eligible for the Realtor Commission Program, the following registration guidelines must apply:

  1. The registration is valid for six months, it is the responsibility of the agent to re-register his/her clients after the expiration date in order to be eligible for any applicable Realtor Commission Program(s).
  2. The customer was registered by the agent before or during the customer’s first visit.
  3. The customer acknowledges that the agent referred him/her to a Lenape Builders community.
  4. Lenape Builders will only pay one broker commission per sale.
  5. Broker commission is paid at settlement. We pay the following commission rate by community:
    1. Avonbridge at Odessa National, Old Country Farm, Huntington Mills, Brookfield at 3.5%
    2. Mearfield at 3%
    3. Sunnyside Village and Cambria Village at 2.5%


For more information please contact our Sales office at (302) 653-7700 or


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